Central brand & multiple stakeholder management

Posted by - Whitestone International

Everyone involved in a business likes to make their mark, but how do you make sure everyone remains true to the ‘brand’ in doing so?”

It’s a fact of life that staff want to identify their contribution and even more so when multiple stakeholders and partners are involved. The challenge therefore is to enable interpretation without diluting or losing control of the brand’s reputation and value.

If you work in a multi-stakeholder business model, or are preparing for one, then having the right tools to manage your ‘brand’ centrally whilst it is delivered locally is essential. Brand and creative strategies are both inward and outward facing – they are organising principles that when structured and articulated to be actionable (not just descriptive), are developed in such a way that the business case for ‘on brand’ creative interpretation and activation makes sense – i.e. everyone gets the benefits of not constantly reinventing the wheel.

Most of our clients work in multi-stakeholder and multi-cultural environments and if you’d like to know more about how we approach what we do to amply the benefits of this model, give us a call.