Social Currency: Why would they share?

Posted by - Whitestone International

A key brand and marketing route to success is answering the question “Why would they share?” – particularly given today’s social media driven world”.

Word of mouth is 10 times stronger than advertising and general marketing. Why? Because it carries several highly valuable attributes that drive behaviour. The first of these are trust and image: Naturally, if someone we know and trust says something is good or worthwhile we have a far greater propensity to not just believe them but be curious and try it and so the engagement and buying journeys start. ‘Image’ includes both self and social image, both critical factors in our daily lives; self-image you will doubtless understand, but the notion of word-of-mouth really comes into play when there is some social currency and benefit to sharing.

These are two key factors in building strong brand pull as well as a marketing push. If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to call.