IKIGAI Education

Rebranded Identity System

IKIGAI Education


Brand and Sub-brand Identity System


France and Europe

With ambitious plans to rename Groupe S.E.A. as IKIGAI Education in line with progressive business directives, a new brand identity was required as the catalyst for change in 2022. The new identity reaches from the corporate brand down to seven sub-brands, each with the ability to autonomously standout in their own right when delivering very different education programmes.

IKIGAI Education is built on the premise of individuality and tailored, unique schools. The identity represents the dynamic individuals, each motivated by their own perspectives and journeys through education. With such a complex system of brand offers, the branding architecture and graphic system played a vital role in communicating the new brand to stakeholders, internal audiences, students and parents. And the significant brand book tied everything together from conception to the complete new identity system and activations.


Corporate Brand Identity
Sub-brand Identity System
Branding Architecture
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