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The exponential growth of eSports is opening new sporting and business opportunities to those who know the audiences and how to engage them. Through Ikon Media & Entertainment and HT&E, the Gfinity Elite Series will launch in Australia in 2018 with seven elite teams competing in the first city-based league at dedicated eSports venues, broadcast live online and on TV.

We were approached to build the positionings, propositions and identities (naming and visual) for seven new franchises, with the specific objective of engaging the eSports community, franchise owners and commercial partners. Central to building the teams was our ability to appeal to the growing mainstream audience-base as well as creating a narrative and sub-culture that is authentic and credible to gamers, niche audiences and city-based fans supporting existing Australian rivalries.


7 Team Propositions & Narratives
7 Team Names & Identities
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